Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And Now A Matthew Moment: Look Ma, I dressed myself!

So Matthew dresses himself. No big surprise. Right? He is five now. He should do this on his own. And it makes me happy that he can do that all by himself.........BUT, there is just one little thing. Most of the time he does dress himself he does not match. If we are just going to be around the house I don't care at all. Have at it, dude!! BUT 9 out of 10 times he gets "himself" dressed and comes down unmatched its a day we have a ton of errands to run. Other people to see. Of course. And how am I supposed to tell him to go change after he did what asked him to in the first place? Huh? How? He did after all go and get dressed! Errr. Here he is on one of those days. Brown and white pants with a black and red striped shirt. Nice. A friend of mine has suggested making stickers that say, "Today I dressed myself!" I think she just might have something there.
This picture you can see Alex standing close by.
First thing out of his mouth that day was, Mom, Matt
doesn't match! Ha. Ya think?! Thanks, AJ.

Here he is happy as a lark playing basketball.
He doesn't care that he doesn't match. And I
guess I shouldn't either. But I do. Why?!
(And what is a lark anyway? A bird?)

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