Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proud Mama. Sad Mama.

My little baby. My first born. My boy. He is growing up. He will be 8 next week. Alex. Yesterday morning before I even woke up. He had gotten himself up. Got dressed. Got his water bottle filled and put in his backpack. He even made and packed up his own lunch. It makes me so proud that he is being responsible. Proud that he is doing stuff on his own. These are all the things KP and I have taught him, showed how to do, try to each day model for him. And he is getting it. So proud! Here it comes...BUT at the same time I am a little sad. Sad that he with each day "needs" me a little less. I know, I know. He will always need me. I know this. Here it is again, BUT it the little things that I love to do for him. Once those things are gone and not needed to be done. Then what?!? Wah. My baby is growing up before my eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Right?! He still needs help remembering to brush his teeth. I still can hang on to that. :D

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