Thursday, February 10, 2011

And Now A Matthew Moment: On News Stands Now

Almost two weeks ago, Matthew had the flu. It was a horrible week for my little guy. And me too. He was very sick. And after you read this post you might even say he was a bit delusional. LOL. Once we got the diagnosis that for sure he had the flu. He and I went straight to the pharmacy. He and I waited for his prescription at the local H.E.B. He was sitting by me in a chair. His little cheeks bright red with fever. His little feet dangling down. He was hunched over a bit. He looked as cute as could be. So puny. We sat. Waiting. When all of us sudden he perked up a bit, then he sat up real straight and said, "Mom, LOOK! (his little finger pointing) over there on that magazine. I think its Dad!" Without looking I said, "What?" He said, "Over there!" "Look!" So, I did. I looked. Then I acknowledged that yes it did indeed look a lot like KP. I then explained that we would know if it were Kevin on the cover because to my knowledge I did not think KP had, had any photo shoots. He, he. Matt, however was not at all convinced with my (Mike Brady) ramblings. He next asked me if he could go and get a closer look. I said sure. So he hopped down, and walked over and stood in front of the mag for several seconds. He even cocked his head to the side the way little and big Forrest do in the the movie. (TG, I hope you have seen that movie or else I think our friendship is in trouble. Wink.) Anyway, he walked back to me but, before saying anything he walked back for a second look. I wish this was on video. I am sure it is. I just don't feel like asking H.E.B. for a copy of their video surveillance. They might think I am coo coo. So, he comes back and says, "You are right that is not, my Dad". I told him again how it did look like him. He said, "Yeah, it really does, except that guy has all black hair and Dad has black and white hair." Bawahahahahaaha, his words not mine. Dang kids are so honest. And perceptive. Just saying.

So, I am sure you are wondering who was actually on that magazine. Well, it was an US Weekly Magazine cover he saw. The cover that week featured Elton John and his partner, David F. and the news of them becoming parents. Congrats, by the way Elton and David! I have to say that KP really does resemble, David. KP himself said that he did. I love a good doppelganger sighting/matching. Don't you? Let me know what you think. Was Matt right? Do you think that KP looks like David Furnish? Can wait to read your comments. (:

I know its been a while since I posted a good Matthew Moment. It isn't due to a lack of moments for sure. Its just that Matt's mama has gotten lazy and is not posting them. I am going to try and get back in the groove! Stay tuned.


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cokermama said...

The following sentence and subsequent fragment should speak volumes. I own Forrest Gump. On VHS. *snap!*


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