Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Paying it forward in little but, I think big ways.

Words to live by.
I saw this picture not to long ago. The words have stayed in my head. So much so that when I wake up and go about my day and I get to that point where I am about to complain or gripe about how horrible I feel or silly things like how I wish that my youngest son hadn't helped himself to the pancakes and syrup and gotten syrup on the floor, cabinets, counters, sink. Everywhere. You know those kinda days or moments. Well when I get to those days and moments lately I think of the words and know that somewhere, some one out there is fighting a harder battle than me. The Texas  wildfire victims come to mind. A person just diagnosed with cancer. Those hard things. So, I pick myself up and am glad that I only have sticky Matthew syrup to clean up.

The other day I decided to take these words and challenge myself a bit. To be kind. So I did something very simple. I smiled at every person that I came across. Even if I was in the car driving. I made eye contact and smiled at them. Sounds like no big deal. Huh? Well, some people looked at me like who are you? And what do you want? Ha. Just from a smile. Some people kinda scrunch their brow but, do smile back. So don't smile back. Yes, I usually smile at most people I see. I can't help it. This time though I was trying to really be kind and smile and let the person know I was doing it not to be polite but, because I wanted them to get a smile that day from someone because maybe they had stuff going on where they just needed a smile or someone to look them in the eye. Someone to be kind. Sounds easy enough. And its free. But, maybe you should try it. It was tough to smile at even a guy standing around in a parking lot looking like he was up to no good. But I just thought he too might be fighting a hard battle.

I challenge you. Think about the words in the picture and even if you are having one of those days yourself and don't feel like it. Smile at someone today. Or at everyone you see. And by everyone I mean everyone. When was the last time you saw your garbage man and you gave him a smile? How many smiles do you think they ever get? Not many cause when I did it the other day ours looked at me crazy but the gave me a head nod. People need to see a friendly kind face. So today, I am going to do it again and I want you to, too. I think a smile is worth a million words. It can say hello. How are you? Thank you. A smile. No words. Just kindness.

Tomorrow, I have a new challenge for us!

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