Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sock Bun Curls

On Thursday night after I had taken my shower and gotten ready to finally lay down with my iPad and do my favorite nightly activity. Which is to listen to the night before's Big Brother after Dark while on Pinterest on the iPad. While pinning I ran into this picture of this girl and her gorgeous long blonde hair. Her long loose curls are so pretty! I pinned it and then it took me to a YouTube link about how to get these curls without heat. Oh, yeah and with a sock. Yes. I said it. A sock. Crazy. I know. So, I watched the video. A few times. A few times cause the girl's accent is awesome. And plus I wanted to be sure I was getting it right. So, watched this video. Looked at blonde girl's curls again and was like gotta try this. Doing it! Since my hair was already damp like she said it should be and cause I had a sock that was missing its mate and surprisingly I hadn't trashed yet. I was like done and done. Wet hair. Sock. So, I got my hair up in a sock bun. Went to sleep. Woke up the next day and did a bunch of stuff that morning and before I had to leave to go to a meeting at the boy's school I took my hair out of my sock bun and presto CURLS! Long. Loose. Pretty. Curls. Shriek. My mom and friend TG thought I had had it done by a professional i.e. Lauren Jackson of Bella Sorella. Nope. Sock bun! So now I can't stop telling everyone that will listen all about the Sock Bun! You know you wanna try it! What are you waiting for? Oh, and Pinterest. Yea. If you don't know... go to it now. Clear about 3 hours out of your day or night first. Just saying. Its crack. One click aka pin and you are in. In!! As in you are never gonna get up from your computer again even to pee. In. As in your house will go uncleaned. In. As in your family will go unfed. Addicting. Crack. For real. You have been warned. Have fun pinning and sock bunning!!
-Brenda aka Brenduh aka Pinster

P.S. I added at the bottom another Sock Bun tutorial. Same girl but she explains it a little slower and a little closer to the camera. You can see what and how she does it better maybe. I think in this one she was showing how to make a bun to wear. Just the bun and then when she took it out it was curled. Maybe. Any way it is the same method. Good luck. Let me know how it goes. Post your pics!!

Isn't her hair gorgeous?! Sock Bun!

Here's the sock I used. Snipped the toes off.

Rolled up my sock and then made
my bun. Forgot to take a pic of my bun.
Tada. Curls. This is after about 5 hours. It had fallen
somewhat. But all these curls were from the sock bun. Fun!

You may want to watch this video, too. Just to get a better understanding.

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