Thursday, September 08, 2011

We love Station 105!

A very happy little guy. We were there to give to them
and the firefighters still were giving to us. Thanks, Captain Rick.
Last night and yesterday was scary for our neighborhood. There was a fire about 2 miles away. It started about 3pm. It burned over night. We we woke up about 3am to a house filled with smoke. The firefighters worked all night and it was 100% contained by 5am this morning. I barely slept a wink. I was worried. I found myself having an anxiety/panic attack about 8am. If you've ever had one, it is a horrible feeling. Anyway.

I decided I wanted to do something for the awesome firefighters of our local Station 105. So, I baked away all morning. A cake, some brownies, a few tubs of cookies (From my boys school fundraisers. Which by the way we are selling cookies etc until Sept. 20 if you need some.) that I had in the freezer. As soon as I picked up Matt from school he helped me carry them in to the guys at 105. They were so happy. They thanked us a million times. Asked us what it was all for. I said it was just a small token of our appreciation for all their hard work and for their sleepless night. For protecting us. For being in our neighborhood. They were happy. It made us happy.

Before we left. The Captain asked Matthew if he wanted to get up inside the fire truck. Of course Matthew said yes! What a treat!! Thank you Station 105 and Captain Rick. It is now my goal to visit them more and bring them treats from time to time. Not just when there is an emergency but, just because.

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Janice L. Lopez said...

What a great idea! What a great deed you did!!! What a great way to honor the time of year too 9-11 up here I know is a little different but thank God for those men and women who keep us safe. :)


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