Sunday, September 18, 2011

WDITOT: Fort Kit

I saw a cute idea on. Yes, It was for a Fort Kit. You know the sheet and blanket forts/tents you made as a kid and now if you have kids like your kids make. Well several people have posted the kits they have put together and have given as gifts. So. We are going to a party this weekend for a 5yr old boy and I thought this would be the perfect gift for him.

I went to Walmart and bought 2 sheets. The kits online said to get 2 twins. I got a Full and a Twin size. I also found the drawstring bag there. Then I went to the .99 Store and got a flash light, batteries, clothespins, string, clamps, and suction cups. Before, I put all the stuff in the bag I printed out a label onto iron on transfer paper. I use the kind for dark fabric. It is easier to use. Printed out the pic. Ironed it on the bag. Put all the stuff in and presto! Fort kit. I think he will love it! I hope he does! This could be made for boys or girls. I saw fun pink and polka dotted sheets, too!

Thanks again, Pinterest! WDITOT (Why didn't I think of that!).

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I pinned one of those, too, and I'm making one for a boy's party on Friday! I hadn't thought about clamps or clothespins...Thanks for the idea!


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