Thursday, January 07, 2010

And Now A Mattew Moment

We are in sunny southern California! It is hard to believe while most of the country is under Arctic temperatures some below freezing, that we have had sunny and 70 degree temps all week. Sometimes feeling so hot that I wish I had shorts and flip flops on. We are here for the National BCS Championship Football game. UT vs. Alabama! Hook 'em Horns \m/!! We got here last Friday. We have visited Legoland, Disneyland, The Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, etc. It has been a great week. I have enjoyed being with the boys so much!! And of course without fail Matthew has had several Matthew Moments.

The first being on the first day we got here. We passed a gift shop that sold I ♥ LA t-shirts. He saw one and ran up to it and said, "Look, Dad! It says I love Louisiana!!!" :) My boy knows his State abbreviations. LOL! It was funny.

Then yesterday, we were out and about walking around the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was fun because there were a bunch of UT and Alabama fans out and wearing their game gear, us included. It was neat to see. Anyway, we were walking around the Kodak Theatre when Matt started yelling, "Hook 'em!" at some Alabama fans. He does not know how to make his little fingers make the Hook 'em Horns sign so he says Hook 'em and does his fingers in a peace sign. So these very nice Alabama fans (2 men) said hello to him and bent over to talk to him. Matt started telling them he was here for the game but he was not going and that his Pa and Dad and brother were going. He told them he was going to Disneyland. And he continued to do his Hook'em peace sign in between each word. By then the wives of these men came up and thought that he was cute. They tried to show him how to do the correct signage. LOL! Then Matt took his Pa's UT bball cap and put it on. The man said hey, let me take your picture. So, there is Matthew having his picture taken by these Alabama fans. Ha. Then, before we leave he tells one of the men, I also like the North Shore Mustangs. The man says wait. I know the NS Mustangs. I used to live in Kingwood. Its a small, small world!! Of all the hundreds of Alabama fans Matt chose to befriend he found one that used to live in Kingwood, TX. For those of you that don't know Kingwood is just 5-10 minutes from our house. Crazy!! They were such nice people!! And they will somewhere, sometime, share these pics they took of this little Longhorn fan named Matthew that they met in California!!

This Matthew Moment was brought to you from So-Cal!!


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