Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fashion Victim. Who?? Them? Or me?? ...I'm just saying.

So, while in California last week and spending 4 days out of 7 at Disneyland doing a lot of people watching. I began to ponder. The thing that kept popping in my head was the term Fashion Victim. When we say fashion victim, just who is it we are talking about? Is it the person that is wearing denim cut off short shorts (that are so short I have underwear that covers more. Daisy Duke would blush if she wore these.) with black tights, and boots and a shirt so tight that nothing is left to the imagination that is the "fashion victim" or is it the person forced to look at this ensemble in broad daylight at a fun family place that is the victim to this fashion. Some help? Really I am confused. Is it them or me? Who is the real victim in these situations?

I'm just sayin'....

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