Thursday, January 21, 2010

Put it in the crock pot and fuggedaboudit!

My crock pot or slow cooker is my new BFF. The crock pot is an awesome thing/friend to have. It is the one relationship that you can take full advantage of. Put the food in and you can just fugeddaboudit!! No worries!! Cause it will be there for you in the end no matter what. ;)

Now that our or should I say the boys weekly extra curricular activities have officially began again. They are both in soccer and in our church children's choir. They practice during the week for both soccer and Sonshine Kids. That takes up several afternoons where I will not have time to cook. And I have been really trying to cook all our meals during the week. That is why I have found the crock pot and have decided to start using him again more often. This will help me keep up cooking meals at home. We eat out too much. Yes, mom if you are reading this...I said it and I admit it. So, 'crock' is going to help me out. Last night he made beef stew for us. When we got back from Sonshine Kids it was ready to go! And I took all credit for it, too. Crock is such a stand up guy!

If that is not enough I have been using these really neat slow cooker liners. You just put one in the crock before you add your food and then when the food is all gone and the left overs put away you just lift out the plastic liner and throw it way. Voila! Crock is ready to make your next meal.

Love it! Love you crock! Thanks for your help.

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