Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm just saying...

Question: Why do we always want what we can't have? Or want what we don't have?

Take girls and their hair for example. And me for instance. I have medium length "straight as a board" hair. It is healthy (well a bit dry and frizzy at times) but, for the most part healthy. Shiny too if I put the right products in it. And thick. All good when you are talking about hair. Right? Does this make me happy? Content? Satisfied? NO! Because I want what I can't/don't have. I want long, down to the middle of my back, CURLY like Sharkira hair!!! Well that is not all. Of course not. I wouldn't mind being tanned, toned, and thin like Shakira either. Her hips don't lie y'all remember. See Shakira below.

Now, most curly haired girls I talk to always roll their eyes at me (rude) when I say I so love your hair and wish I too could have curly hair. Why? Why do they roll their eyes? 'Cause they say they want straight hair! Ugh. And so we all sigh and think if only...never being completely happy with what we have been given.

I'm just saying,


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