Thursday, August 27, 2009

DSing in the USA!

Alex got a Nintendo DS last Christmas from Santa Claus. Thank you Santa!! A DS is a dualscreen handheld video game console. It is also non-stop hours on end entertainment for Alex. And non stop hours of peace at restaurants, stores, car rides, etc. for me. It is money well worth spent. Matthew got a Leapster from Santa and that too has been an awesome thing to have.

I started collecting pics of Alex and his DS adventures on our trip to NY this spring break. He and Gabi would whip out their DS anywhere. It was crazy! But it kept them entertained for sure while Sandi and I did what we wanted to do.

The DSing fun continued this summer. It is funny to see these pics! I should call up Nintendo and see if they need a new poster child for their ads. :) Have fun watching the clip of DSing in the USA. The pics are from NYC, to Crystal Beach, to Denver, and even in South Dakota.

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