Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day of First Grade

Its hard to believe that Alex is already in first grade. Kindergarten just flew by. I hate that. He started school on Monday. He is loving it so far. The things he is not loving are P.E. because it is so hot, the getting up early (summer hours are for us) and the long day. First grade lets out at 3:20 and last year Kinder. released at 1:50. But, tomorrow is already Friday and an early release day so within time I think he will love first grade and get used to the getting up early.

I, on the other hand miss him being home like crazy!! And so does Matthew. We stare at the clock all day waiting for it to be time to go and pick him up. And then of course we just want to hear every last detail of his day and that is the last thing Alex wants to do is talk about it. :) I just want both of them home with me all day. I wish school was two days and the weekend was 5 days. That I could do.

Oh, and P.S. his teacher's name is Mrs. Townsend. She is super sweet and super organized and well we just love her already.

Here are some first day pics.

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