Saturday, March 13, 2010

And Now A Matthew Moment

I just wanted to share a few photos of lil' Matt.

Here he is "waiting" for me at Alex's school the other day. I am on the PTO Board (Parent Teacher Organization) and my job for this year has been Photographer. I have been helping to take pictures of any events the school has to go in the yearbook. Matt usually likes going up to the school because he can see, Alex and because he likes socializing with the other students and the teachers. This day he was being so silly though! I know Matt, being silly. No way. Smirk. So, just before this pic was taken he said, "I will be waiting right over there." "OK," I said. Later, I turned around and this is what I saw. Glad, I had the camera ready. (:

Lately, Matt has been making cards for us. I usually know about it because I have to help get any supplies he may need. The day I found this one he had not asked for my help at all. I remember it was a Monday because I was washing clothes and cleaning up from the weekend. I walked into my bathroom with some clothes to put away and he had left this card by my sink. Yes. He made me a card and surprised me with it!! So sweet. He drew a picture of me, Kevin, and him. It is in the right hand corner. (: And he drew an eye for an I and then wrote love Mom. He was so excited when I found it. I heart him. My baby! I can't believe he is four and writing and drawing and making me things. Seems like he was just in diapers yesterday. Sniff. Tear. Come to think of it being out of diapers is a good thing! Enjoy the pics.

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