Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Table

The stand below was made by Granddad. It is the only thing that I have from him. I only saw him a handful of times in my life. My dad's dad, lived in Mexico. He made this for me. I love it! It still has pencil marks on the inside from when he was making it. (: Anyway, it has been sitting between these two chairs in our room for a while now and has been in several different places in our house. It is kinda small and not did not go real well, there, but he made it and I like seeing it. Then, I saw a picture on one of my favorite blogs. A round table with a table cover/rounder. I thought it would look great in our room. So, I went to Lowe's and purchased a round table top for under $20. Already cut and ready. I stuck it on top of my stand. Then with some fabric I got at Goodwill. Yes, that is what I had said. I got 5 yards of red fabric at GW for $3.99! Thanks for finding it for me Brandi! On top of that I used what fabric was left from recovering my dining room chairs (see below). Click here to see the before pic of the chair. The fabric was a bday gift from my parents. Yes, you know your are a grown up when, you ask for expensive decorator fabric for you birthday instead of something fun like an iPod or clothes. Thanks, Mom and Dad. My mom sewed the skirt for me. Thanks, mom. Remember I cannot sew, but I can hot glue like nobody's business. (; I think it came out great! I have a new table that when you lift the round skirt has a table under with a drawer and cabinet for storage. Yeah! Thanks, Grandpa for my little stand that could!

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