Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the road again.

Well my little town of Brownsville, today I leave you once again. Thank you for all the fun. Thank you for all the new memories. Marco and Lupita thank you for the awesome "Mexican" meal, for the great conversation, and hospitality. You are my family and I love you. Rudy, primo, I am so proud of you for building your dream house! Thanks for giving us a tour. So, glad I got to see you. Big hugs to you cousin. Tia D! What can I say, without crying? I love you. And I wish we lived closer. It is never enough Tia time. I will take what I can get though. I am so glad you went to the Zoo with us. I know we tired you out but, what a fun day we all had. And my boys won't ever forget it. I love you!! Bye, bye for now Brownsville! Adios, to my birthplace. Until we meet again.

Next stop, H-town. Our home sweet home!

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