Monday, March 08, 2010

My Oscars Recap

So glad I have a DVR. I wathced The Oscars in 15 minutes this morning!! My Recap: Sandra Bullock! Woohoo!! I think UP! was the Best Picture. Ben Stiller you are SO FUNNY! I need to watch Star Trek again. Need to Google Jeremy Renner. Cutie. I think he was in a BL commercial once. Hello, NPH you rock! Jimmy Kimmel your promo w/ The AffLECKS (not flacks) was High-larious! John Hughes Tribute ROCKED! James Taylor love you man (Memoriam).  I need to watch Precious and obviously The Hurt Locker (Best Pic so what. Cute boys yeah!). Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin. OK, but not Ellen D she brought it!! That's all folks.

1 comment:

Hillary said...

hey that's a pretty good recap for a 15 mintue speed watch! The John Hughes tribute...I saw my childhood flash before my eyes.


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